Taking care of our community and environment has been a core value of Cocotana Coconut Products since the time of its inception. We have endeavored to engage in several beneficial initiatives in order to positively impact the well-being of our community and our environment through implementation of numerous CSR projects over the years.

We have completed several projects with the aim of improving the infrastructure of important publicly accessible buildings in the Katana area. In 2016, we contributed 20 cement bags to the Kadirana temple to support an expansionary project. We also donated 100 chairs to Catholic church in Katana in 2016.

Over the years we have ensured that our fairtrade premiums are successfully passed on to the coconut farming community through efforts to provide farmers with agricultural machinery and materials. In 2017, we donated 1130 coconut seedlings to farming societies in order to promote sustainable cultivation practices. Similarly, in 2018, we made a contribution of 320 fruit plants (Guava, Sweet Citrus and Mango) to members of community in order to encourage environmental sustainability.

Children are our future, and educating them not only improves their wellbeing but that of society. We have embarked on several projects to provide essential schooling supplies and stationery to children from low-income families in the area. In 2016, we provided supplies to 114 students and in 2017 we provided supplies for 120 students.

As part of environmental CSR initiative, we installed solar panels on the roof of our factory in order to minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to the production of cleaner energy. By 2019, we had installed sufficient solar panels to generate 200KVA.

In order to support our community, we took the initiative to provide staple food bundles to employees at our factories, by doing so we were able to make a positive contribution to the well-being of several families in the area. We distributed over 215 dry ration packs in 2016, 250 dry ration packs in 2018 and over 340 dry ration packs in 2020.

In 2018, we embarked on a CSR project aimed at improving healthcare facilities at the Negombo base hospital by providing supporting medical equipment (Thermometers, Emergency, Instrument and dressing trolleys, A/C units, refrigerators, water filters and kettles). More recently, we also took on the initiative to provide the Negombo Base Hospital with ICU equipment. Sri Lankan government hospitals are usually over capacity but underfunded leading to a lack of updated healthcare facilities. By providing these ICU machines in 2021, we were able to help numerous critical low-income patients in the Negombo region.