Organic Virgin Coconut oil
Free from

No chemical
process or
added chemicals

200g Pkt, 400 ml
10kg, 18kg pkts

Creamed Coconut can also be called as Coconut Concentrate which is the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat of a mature fruit of Coconut ground to a semi-solid white creamy paste. Creamed Coconut is suitable for consumption without the need of further processing. Do not confuse between Creamed Coconut and Coconut Cream as Coconut Cream has a maximum moisture content of about 74% whereas Creamed Coconut has moisture of only 3% maximum, and is naturally known as Coconut Concentrate. Creamed Coconut is creamy white color and tastes rich, and mildly sweet with essence of Coconut.

Creamed Coconut can be used as an ingredient for food and beverages that require coconut flavor.

Ice Cream, Sauce, Soup, Curries, Ready meals, Tropical colada, Coconut drinks,
Filling for Chocolate Confectionary, Biscuits, Cake, Toppings,
Desserts, Bread spreading