Coconut Flour package
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No chemical
process or
added chemicals

200g, 500g,
Bulk packing

Coconut flour is obtained from the whitish kernel residue left after the extraction of Virgin Coconut Oil and has a potential application in high protein-fiber enriched food products

Coconut Flour is known to have a strong sweet coco-nutty aroma. It has a white cream color and sometimes a few brown spots from coconut meat brown skin which is natural. It also has a high dietary fiber content which is 3 to 4 times more that the wheat flour, Soy flour and Rice bran.

Coconut Flour can be used:

To make breads
To make Cakes
To make Pies
In Gravy as a Thickner
For Chocolate filters
Results shows that Coconut Flour could be used to substitute wheat flour up to a level of 35% to 50% without affecting the overall quality.